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Altitude Trampoline Parks have hosted many group events. Some groups that have enjoyed our venue in the past are:

Applicable for groups of 15+

$16 for 2 hours 

*food and socks are normal price
Pricing not available on holidays

Monday-Friday 10AM-2PM

To receive discounted rate, each person in the group must fill out an online waiver and the group must make one payment when purchasing jump tickets.

1. This offer applies from Monday to Friday in hours from 10 am to 2 pm (1pm to 2pm to be the last with this offer)
2. Each group must make a single payment and have signed the disclaimers online.
3. The representative of the group must make a reservation with a minimum of 48 hours notice (2 days).

For your next group event, consider the fun to be had on our 24,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines! We have private rooms to accommodate groups up to 40 and we have plenty of room in the park to accommodate groups up to 600. Get more information about our group events and accommodations by calling 787-491-0262 or emailing us here.

Our schedule fills up fast, get in touch with us today to setup your next celebration!

Call for reservations