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Great for birthday parties and other special occasions. A Party host is provided for party setup, clean-up, serving pizza and cake, supervision in the trampoline areas, and tending to any of the guests’ needs.



10 Participants (guests that will jump)


20 Participants (guests that will jump)



10 Participants (guests that will jump)


20 Participants (guests that will jump)

Price per additional participant

Monday to Friday $18.00
Saturday to Sunday $21.00


10 participants – 2 16″ pizzas
20 participants – 4 16″ pizzas
extra pizzas are $15
Cake allowed to be brought in (only cake)
1 bottled water per participant
1 (2 Lts. Coca Cola or Sprite) for every 10 participants

For the birthday boy/girl:

1 all-day pass for future visit
1 (2 X 1 pass for each participants) for future visit

Services Provided

Reserved table(s)
Party host
Plates cups/plasticware
Party setup/cleanup
– party lasts 2 hours 
– socks not included in the price
You cannot bring any food or drinks into the birthday party. Everything must be consumed in the parks.



Park access

Full access to the park including:

Dodgeball courts
Basketball hoops
Foam pits
Main trampoline court
Battle Beam
Performance Trampolines

Private rooms

If booked with a 20+ person birthday party it’s $100 extra for the 2 hours (limit 40 person for 1 room)
If booked witha 10 person birthday party is $200 extra for the 2 hours
If booked just for a group it’s $100/hour

We have 2 rooms that can be combined to make a big room with 8 tables (for 80 people):
This room with be $200 for the 2 hours if booked with a birthday party and $200/hour if booked with a group

1) It comes with a host/server even if it’s not a birthday party
2) You get 4 tables (even if it’s only a party for 10 people)


All sales are final. No refunds can be granted for any tickets purchased online or in the park, as well birthdays deposit are not refundable. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Ultimate Party Place

Next time you’re booking a party or event, think of Altitude Trampoline Park. We offer several exciting party packages. We make a great gift too. Gift certificates are available for purchase. Altitude Trampoline Park can accommodate large groups up to 650.