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To support schools/organizations in their effort to raise funds for their graduating class/activity and provide them with a different yet fun and healthy alternative to carry out their fundraising activities. This gives the opportunity for the park to increase customer visits.


Altitude brings you the opportunity to raise funds for your school or organization. You can coordinate your event in the park in person during the week at any time. (Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.)
It’s very easy! It only requires a minimal investment. Altitude will provide you with a number of tickets at a special cost. The school or organization has the opportunity to sell those tickets at a higher price and would collect 100% of the value of the ticket after cost.


50 tickets
75 entries
100 entries

Offers do not include security stockings.
Group offerings or fundraisers require prior reservation.
Tickets will only be valid with the park stamp.
Offers are only valid in the park where the reservation was made.
If all the lockers are not sold, there is no refund. (sales are final)
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