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Jump up to 2 hours everyday!

Additional Benefits:
Bring a buddy $10 for 2 hours
$5 for every hour after the initial 2 hours

* Regulation: Membership program activation value $ 10 one time only. Membership cost $ 10 dollars per month per participant. Membership is not transferable. Membership program requires automatic monthly debit for the full value of the membership. Duration of membership 1 year. If you cancel the program before the first year, there is a penalty of 3 months of cost of the monthly membership of all participants of said membership. After the first year there is no cancellation penalty, the cancellation is notified 60 days in advance. Enrollment in the Altitude Puerto Rico membership program is a minimum commitment of one year and the balance must be up to date to enjoy it and its benefits. Altitude Puerto Rico has all the right to cancel or increase the cost of membership at any time. Altitude Puerto Rico, reserves the right to maintain the membership and its benefits. Creating, acting, carrying out any type of inappropriate behavior, violating park rules or non-payment, grants Altitude Puerto Rico the right to immediately cancel the membership and its benefits, without the need to return the amounts already paid.

Family membership

Get our family membership

Only $10 * activation

2 people $15

3 people $20

4 people $25

5 people $30

6 people $35

* Activation cost is one time only. Membership is with a 1-year contract, with a recurring monthly charge. Has an early termination penalty of 3 months worth of active membership.




1 hour pass: $18 + IVU
2 hours pass: $21.25 + IVU
All day pass: $26 + IVU

Jumping Socks short (required) $3.50 (+tax)

Jumping Socks tall (required) $4.00 (+tax)


Applicable for groups of 15+:

$16 for 2 hours

Monday-Friday 10AM-2PM. Call for reservations.


Pricing not available on holidays

To received discounted rate each person in the group must fill out an online waiver and the group must make one payment when purchasing jump tickets.


All sales are final. No refunds can be granted for any tickets purchased online or in the park, as well birthdays deposit are not refundable. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Ultimate Party Place

The Ultimate Party Place: Next time you’re booking a party or event, think of Altitude Trampoline Park. We offer several exciting party packages. We make a great gift too. Gift certificates are available for purchase. Altitude Trampoline Park can accommodate large groups up to 650, call and we will help you book your event 787-705-4154 or info@altitudebayamon.com.

Release Waiver

All jumpers of Altitude Trampoline Park must sign a waiver to participate. Jumpers under the age of 18 must get parent/guardian consent and sign-off. Jumpers 18 and older are required to show a valid id (driver’s license, state id, passport). Click here to fill out our waiver so that you can head straight to the courts when you get here!


All sales are final. No refunds can be granted for any tickets purchased online. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.