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How to Play

  • Must have 8 team members, 6 on dodgeball court and 2 for substitutions.
  • Uniform; all team members must have the same t-shirt color
  • Team must have a captain
  • Team name
5 seconds violation:

It occurs when a team has possession of all 6 balls on their side of the court for 5 or more seconds.
A ball cannot be held for more than 10 seconds by any one player.

Time out/Substitution:

Each team is awarded one 30 second time out/substitution.


If player steps on or over a boundary, the player is automatically eliminated.

*orange centerline: players cannot step on it or cross over it.
*Mesh wall: players cannot lose control and land over mesh wall area.

  • Be respectful
  • No trash talking or foul language (this will get you eliminated)
Live Ball:

A live ball is a ball thrown by a player and that has not touched any of the boundaries, walls, or floor.

If a player catches a live ball, the person who threw it is automatically eliminated and you get to bring back a team member (if you have 5 or less on the court).


A block is defined when a player has a ball in his/her hand and block a hit with it. If the player drops the ball while blocking a hit, he/she is eliminated.

Illegal moves:

  • You can’t throw a head shot (a ball thrown at the head.)
  • You can’t cross the center line, step on it or reach over it.
  • You can’t hold a ball for more than 10 seconds.
  • You can’t drop a ball you used to deflect another ball.
  • You can’t move into a ball that strikes the top or back of the head.
  • You can’t kick a ball.

    How Tournaments Work

    • Double-elimination (which means you can lose once and still have a chance at winning something.)
    • Tournaments are refereed by trained park staff
    • Tournament entry fees are $15 per person: it includes 1 bottle of water and 1hr jump after tournament.
    • You don’t have to be a league player to enter a tournament, but your 8-player team may only enter tournaments for your age bracket.
    • Tournaments may be cancelled if the minimum required number of participants is not met. If a tournament is cancelled, (entry fees will be refunded.)
    • Call us at 787-705-4154 or visit the park to register for a tournament.

    Altitude Gurabo’s First Dodgeball Tournament

    Download Tournament Bracket by clicking the photo below.

    Important Information:

    April 4th-9th: Final days to officially register on tournaments by bringing completed Registration forms to park and signing up teams.
    April 10th: Publish brackets with teams that have signed up for first tournament.
    April 11th: Tournament starts at 7pm( Teams must arrive at least 20 minutes before tournament starts.)

    Tournament Prizes:

    1st Place: Facebook recognition, wining game ball and 2 free 1hr passes to use Monday thru Thursday for each player of team. Also 1 trophy for team
    2nd Place: Facebook recognition, 1 free 1hr pass to use Monday thru Thursday for each player on the team, medal for each team member.
    3rd Place: Facebook recognition, 1 free 1hr pass to use Monday thru Thursday for each player on the team.

    1) FAQ’s:

    a. Final registration date: APRIL 4TH

    b. When will the first Tournament be held? It will be held april 11th at 7pm

    c. Are we going to have leagues?
    Yes. We will have this from Monday thru Thursday starting at 7pm. Teams can come, pay for 1hr jump and practice for the whole hour on one dodgeball court without interruption. Please reserve your time with at least five hours before your visit.

    d. Where do teams go to sign up?
    Teams can sign up on site at the park or print and fill the registration form following this link: 

    e. Age brackets: 
    We will have three age brackets
    10yrs old- 13yr old
    14yr old -17yr old
    18yr old and up